My 5th grandchild, and second granddaughter, has made her appearance after induced labor. Coraline Laura is 19 inches and 6lbs 8oz, and demanded a martini just after this pic.

There has been a lot of discussion lately, much of it just plain incorrect, about the relationship between resonance and antenna efficiency. Many incorrectly claim that resonance has nothing to do with antenna efficiency at all, similarly others incorrectly claim that resonance is a direct indication of efficiency. Neither of these statements is true. The reality is that resonance does have a significant impact on how efficient your antenna is, but the relationship is highly non-linear and depends on many characteristics.

Below I have attached a chart hat plots out the total radiation resistance (R_r) vs the measured input resistance (R_in) of a dipole. Efficiency is just R_r/R_in. In other words an efficient antenna will have 100% of its resistance as radiation resistance, and R_in is **always** larger than R_r (since it is essentially ohmic resistance plus radiation resistance). When these two numbers differ significantly an antenna is inefficient. The source for the chart below is here and it gives much of the math if you want a deeper dive:

What is important to note here is that at anti-resonance we see a **huge** R_in value and a small R_r value, this means an anti-resonant antenna will have very high losses. Keep in mind the graph is very hard to read for the values <0.5 in length because the resolution isnt high. But there is significant divergence there as well. Notice at ~5/8ths wavelength antenna would exhibit very significant internal ohmic losses due to heat.

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Work on Gajim 1.4 is making big steps forward! 🚀 After nine months of developing Gajim’s new main window, the code was finally ready to be merged into the master branch. This enables automatic builds of nightlies for Linux and Windows.

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I'm a furniture artist. I routinely create fantasy art pieces out of old furniture which I then sell on local online marketplace sites. I cannot tell you how often people will say, "oh, you shouldn't paint that! It's antique! It's valuable exactly how it is!"

Here's the deal. Most of the time I get my pieces free or very low price from thrift stores. If you want to get in my face and tell me that free piece is a "valuable antique" then bitch, buy it from me. Show me the money, or step off.

Did someone accidentally commit journalism? Can anyone point out where the error is?

"CDC: Natural immunity stronger than vaccines alone during delta wave

Natural immunity was six times stronger during the delta wave than vaccination, according to a new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."


Before the advent of ROM chips, some programs used to be hand soldered using diode matrixes.
Here is a prime example of that, from an Intertechnique Multi-8, a french version of the Microdata 800 (1969~1970).


Now that the fix was already deployed, I can finally talk about the anyone-can-send zero address on Polkadot.

2021 was a big year for the Funkwhale project. Let’s take a look back over everything that happened!

An interesting article commemorating “reentry” (space nerds for “death”) of a cubesat from a Polish engineer who helped design it

How do satellites deorbit? KRAKsat case study

Price-gouging by Big Pharma: 75% of the “new patents” for prescription drugs are actually old drugs with meaningless tweaks with no medical benefits. For example: Some just turn a pill into a capsule.

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